Over the last decade, the Alaska Run For Women (AKRFW) has become the annual flagship fundraising effort for Chugach and our employees. Diana Brinkman, Chugach’s Director of Accounting and Financial Reporting, is a strong AKRFW supporter, but she is also committed to supporting the Alaska Men’s Run (AMR), an organization that, similar to the AKRFW’s goal of defeating breast cancer, raises funds to fight prostate and testicular cancer.

Diana’s commitment to the AMR prompted her to submit this charity in Chugach’s 12 Months of Giving, and based on the passion of her submission, the AMR has been selected as the July winner for the 12 Months campaign.

“I’m so excited that the Alaska Men’s Run was selected!,” Diana expressed. “I’ve been organizing an AMR team for the past five years after a very close friend was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Our team name was originally Team Hal, and then it was Team Hal & Mike, and now it is Team Mike, Hal & Pals as, unfortunately, we have had to add more and more names as more men have been diagnosed with prostate or testicular cancer.”

The AMR is one of the oldest charitable activities within Alaska, raising funds and awareness by using the race entry fees to fund educational activities, health awareness, promote early detection of prostate and testicular cancer, and provide financial aid to men with these cancers. All proceeds stay in Alaska.

Thank you, Diana, for submitting AMR in the 12 Months of Giving campaign, and thank you to AMR for all that they do to help fight and create awareness about prostate and testicular cancer. AMR will receive July’s $1,000 donations from Chugach. To learn more about AMR and the great work they do, .


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