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2024 Season Pass Now On Sale!

SAVE $45!

Buy a regular priced Kama’aina ticket and get unlimited visits & FREE parking in 2024 and the rest of this year!

Pay only $5.50 per month with just 10 easy payments or $54.99 each + tax. And that’s not all – buy TODAY and receive an incredible FREE upgrade to our exclusive Kahuna Pass, loaded with benefits worth over $650!

Valid to Hawaii residents with proof of residency. Individual Season Pass applies to children 3 years & up including adutls. May not be combined with any other offer, coupon, promotion, or discount. Offer not transferable or exchangeable. No refunds.

2024 Season Pass

Buy today and get a FREE upgrade to the Kahuna Season Pass!


ONLY $5.50 w/10 easy payments or $54.99 each + tax




Here’s what you get with your FREE upgrade**:


  • Get unlimited visits now through December 31, 2024
  • FREE admission to all Dive’n’Movies
  • FREE parking & reserved stall on a first come, first serve basis
  • FREE Refillable sport bottle with $3.49 soft drink fill
  • 2 FREE Bring-A-Friend Digital Tickets (valid for use on select months – see benefits details)
  • FREE ride on Da’ Flowrider (select months – see benefits details)
  • 25% Cabana Rental (after activation of membership)
  • Discounted Bring-A-Friend Ticket on select days all throughout 2023 season


Click?here?to view full Kahuna Pass benefits.


**Online season pass purchase?MUST?be activated towards a season pass ID card at the park in order to activate card benefits and other offers.

SAVE $45!
$5.50 per month
w/10 payments
or $54.99 ea + tax
Hawaii residents only

Get Your 2024 Season Pass