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Chief’s Luau Reviews

“Your show was the highlight of my year. All our best to you and your family.”
– Leslie L

“The Chief is amazing and you can tell that he truly loves what he does.”
– nyyanks, TripAdvisor.com

“Aloha Chief….will be visiting Oahu in October & definitely plan to come and see you again.”
– Victoria B

“The Chief is a hoot! The show was fabulous and exciting.”
– JBR888, TripAdvisor.com

“Hot, hot, hot! Love watching your videos. It’s like being with you again.”
– Lisa L

“He is FABULOUS! Not to be missed!”
– RealtorPam, TripAdvisor.com

“Your show was amazing & one of the highlights of my trip to Hawaii.”
– Jessica P

“Must experience this. A+++! Laughter and top notch entertainment.”
– Patrick614, TripAdvisor.com

“Our Texas family members enjoyed spanking the Coconuts. We caught it on tape – way too funny! You have one awesome show and LOVE your personality, Keep up the great work!”
– Colleen S

“The Chief is truly entertaining, the dancers and music were wonderful. Perfect family evening. Great way to celebrate my parents 42nd wedding anniversary. Will definitely return.”
– mbdflynn, TripAdvisor.com

“We LOVE your show!!!! You are the BEST!!!! =) Aloha, from California.”
– Adriana A

“This is one Fantastic Show! The Chief is outstanding as are all of the male and female performers. They are incredible! There is never a slow moment or a dull moment. And the fire show, like none other. I would highly recommend this show to anyone, all ages will enjoy it. Take your camera! Have fun!”
– onecentp, TripAdvisor.com

“You are on our screen saver at home! Loved the show!”
– Lora V

“Worth the price! We probably went to the show five times & will be taking 21 family members in 2012.”
– Rich18974, TripAdvisor.com

“What a fabulous night!”
– John R

“We did 3 luaus – this was far and away the best one. I can’t imagine how it could have been any better.”
-imani08, TripAdvisor.com

“My class still shouts out TALOFA every morning in your honor here in Colorado!”
– Leslie S

“It was truly worth every cent. The pre-show allows folks the opportunity to learn how to weave palm headdresses, get a ‘tattoo’, or start a fire by rubbing wood. Good fun!! The Chief does an exceptional job engaging the crowd. Recognizing couples with anniversaries was a nice touch.”
– FLTMGT, TripAdvisor.com

“You are the best and fastest tree climber ever!”
– Julie J

“The best luau in Hawaii. We had the best time! My teens loved it. It was exciting, and funny.”
– Tessa2, TripAdvisor.com

“Saw the Chief this week, again. Gotta love him and his Samoan Family/Friends. As always a great luau. You should also go visit him at Tropical Farms (Mac Nut Farm) on da windward side of Oahu.”
– Jackson H

“The Chief really was the hit of the show. He is clearly a multi-talented man…guitar, drums, sings, comedy, fire dancing, and when he shinnied up the coconut tree I was amazed! The other dancers and performers were also very good. There is a lot of interaction with the audience.”
– cjb23005, TripAdvisor.com

“Talofa, Chief, and thanks for making me smile!!”
– Karen S

“Great food with family values and history included. Well worth your time and money. The emphases was on family values and the importance of those values in life. Various dances from the other island nations were displayed and detailed to peak interest in the history of the cultures. Crafts were also taught to those who wanted to participate.”
– mocatlady, TripAdvisor.com

“My wife and I are looking forward to seeing your show again in September. The best, best, best show!!!!”
– Wayne M

“If you only do one luau, make it this one. The chief keeps you entertained in an island way – not in a cheesy, Lawrence Welk show kind of way. The dancers – men and women – are all attractive eye candy, so there’s something to make everyone happy. The dancing is stellar – you should volunteer to get up on stage and learn one or two! The end of the night brings the fire dancers, I think there were five or six, throwing flames around the stage.”
– imani08, TripAdvisor.com

“You are so funny!”
– Junior I

“I would go again! The chief was awesome, a true islander! Great fire dancing! The kids really liked it! Book early and sit in front!”
– footguy, TripAdvisor.com

“Missing Hawaii and you, Chief, as I watch snow falling outside my window.”
– Lee S

“Excellent Luau entertainment show. The cast had things you could do with their guidance, like basket weaving, temporary tatoos, making fire with two sticks of dry wood. This was a great experience for the kids as well as some adults. The Samoan Tribal chief caught the audiences attention with his keen wit, humor, singing and teaching of the Samoan and Hawaiian traditions. The music and audience interaction was well balanced and kept the interest in the program for several hours. I have seen a number of Luau’s in the Islands but none compare to the entertainment provided by this one. This is a must see for anyone visiting Oahu.”
– thomas624, TripAdvisor.com

“The Center of Attraction is the quick wit of the Chief who interacts with the audience with leading misdirected questions. It made you laugh and at the same time educated you on the true meaning of living together in Aloha.”
– Kumasan1975, TripAdvisor.com

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