Congratulations to TCC, LLC, (TCC)! This month, April 2024, marks TCC’s 30th anniversary. TCC is a partnership between Tatitlek Corporation (Tatitlek), Chenega Corporation (Chenega), and Ʒ (Chugach) formed after the March 24, 1989, Exxon Valdez Oil Spill. The spill happened in the heart of Prince William Sound (PWS) and devastated our small communities. TCC was formed to respond and protect our homelands from future oil spills. 30 years after its founding, TCC has established itself as a world class oil spill response and prevention organization.

“I am proud of the work TCC has done to reach this 30-year milestone and want to celebrate and thank all, past and present, for the work you’ve done to contribute to the improvement of safety for the oil and gas industry in Alaska, and especially in our region.” stated Chugach Chairman Sheri Buretta.

Buretta also extended her gratitude to the organizations who played a hand in TCC’s lasting success. “I want to thank Tatitlek and Chenega for their partnership and for providing the opportunity for our people and their descendants to work at home, in our region, with meaningful employment opportunities, giving them the ability to help protect our ancestral waters.”

Recognizing other partners that protect PWS is also important, Buretta extended her appreciation to other entities and regulatory agencies. “I’m thankful that heightened awareness now exists for preventing oil from touching our waters and shores. This includes state and federal agencies, the Prince William Sounds’ Regional Citizens Advisory Council, and our communities. We are all now more vigilant and focused on prevention and response with regards to oil transportation.”

“I also want to also thank Alyeska Pipeline Service Company for their professionalism and the decades of improvements made on the Trans Alaska Pipeline System (TAPS),” Buretta said. “Before the passing of the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act, Chugach leaders released the 1968 land freeze and gave up rights to historical lands for TAPS to be built, in trade for the promise of jobs and contracts on TAPS and $1. This land is where the Valdez Marine Terminal now stands, and other locations in Valdez and Southcentral Alaska where TCC performs its duties under contract with Alyeska. We are pleased we can fulfill the vision of our founders through this TCC contract and provide jobs to our people and recognize the sacrifices those leaders made.”

“Walter Meganack, one of Chugach’s founders and past Chief of Port Graham Village, once said, ‘The land and the water are our sources of life. The water is sacred. So long as the water is alive, Chugach Natives are alive.’”

Recalling the aftermath of EVOS, Buretta stated, “Our people have lived in harmony with the land and water for more than 5,000 years and the bounty it provides to sustain our people. TCC and our partners in PWS help ensure we are protected now and for the generations to come. Congratulations and thank you, again to TCC.” Buretta expressed.

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