The Alaska Native Executive Leadership Program (ANELP) is creating future leaders for the Alaska Native community, leaders who are ready to excel in the modern business arena and usher Alaska Native Corporations (ANC) into the next era of business and prosperity.

Alaska Pacific University faculty and Native leaders worked together to customize a course for future executives tailored to meet the specific needs of ANCs. This collaboration laid the groundwork for ANELP.

Upon ANELP completion, students receive a certificate that equates to a third of graduate-level course work, making the program ideal for students working toward a master鈥檚 degree. More importantly, graduates are ready to play a hand in their corporation鈥檚 success.

Chugach鈥檚 Ashley Christensen鈥擜ssistant to Chugach Government Solution鈥檚 President鈥攋ust completed the ANELP course work and received this prestigious certificate. Ashley expressed her gratitude for the support she received during the nine-month course. 鈥淚 want to thank Chugach for making this opportunity possible,鈥 Ashley said. 鈥淚 enjoyed myself and look forward to pursuing my masters.鈥

Ashley has joined good company. Four professionals currently working for Chugach have also obtained an ANELP certificate:

  • Tiffany Flowers, SBA Compliance Specialist
  • Jayme Johnson, Shareholder Development Outreach Manager
  • Lauren Johnson, Director of the Chugach Heritage Foundation
  • Lindsy Swing, Projects Support Manager

Chugach provides funding to motivated shareholders and descendants who are interested in this executive education program. If you’re one of these individuals, you should contact Jayme Johnson at or (907) 563-8866.

While Chugach funding is reserved for shareholders and descendants, the program is not exclusive to shareholders, descendants or Alaska Natives. If you meet the following two requirements, you are a potential ANELP candidate:

  • Identified potential to meaningfully contribute to the Alaska Native community.
  • An executive referral and corporate endorsement.

The full list of the prerequisites for the program can be found .

Please join us in congratulating Ashley on all of the hard work that led to her accomplishment, and congratulations to all of Chugach鈥檚 ANELP alumni.

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