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Windjammer Café

The main food and beverage outlet in the park provides a variety of family-friendly options including pizza, salads, burgers, and local fare. With convenient outdoor seating, the Windjammer Café is the perfect place to take a break from exhilarating attractions.

Cabana Menu

Relax in your own private cabana and let our servers take your food order and deliver them to you.  Food orders are scheduled at time of check-in.

Sweet Spot Bar

For those 21 and over, the Sweet Spot Bar provides a great place to chill out and watch all the action of Da Flowrider or the latest sporting match on our TV screens. Enjoy a cold beer or a tasty cocktail while sitting up at the bar.

Food and Beverage Carts

Visitors can enjoy multiple snacks and refreshing beverages throughout the park at a number of food cart locations.

Sorry, no outside food or beverages are allowed inside the park. However, guests may exit the park gates and re-enter. Ticket stub and stamp required for re-entry.

Group Catering and Functions

Wet’n’Wild can also cater for your next group event or function.

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