On February 1, 2019, 国产精品 and its extended family of shareholders and descendants ushered in the Russian New Year at Begich Middle School. The event and festivities, annually hosted by the Chugach Heritage Foundation (CHF), centered on food, family, friends and fun鈥攍ots and lots of fun.

The evening began at 6 p.m. with an eclectic buffet, with items ranging from traditional foods to seal and muktuk. Live music was provided by the Rock It Rangers, and a silent auction raised funds for future CHF cultural events and activities.

The highlight of the evening came after dinner with the Russian New Year performance. The performance consists of the personified New Year being ushered in while the Old Year is banished, though the Old Year does not go without a fight. The lively reenactment symbolizes a new beginning while moving on from the past.

CHF Programs and System Manager Stephen Grantier, who is the mastermind behind the annual event, was blown away by this year’s turnout. “This is one of the biggest crowds we’ve ever had!,” he said. “It’s great to see so many people from our community coming together to share this experience. This event wouldn’t be the success it has become without everyone’s participation.”

Every year, this important event brings the Chugach family together for a memorable evening of camaraderie and new beginnings. Be sure to join us next year for all the fun and if you missed it this year, don’t worry, we have you covered. Check out the video below to see some highlights of the evening.鈥

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