Chugach Alaska Corporation (Chugach) recently entered into an agreement to acquire a substantial portion of All American Oilfield Associates, LLC and its wholly-owned subsidiary All American Oilfield Equipment, LLC (All American). Headquartered in Kenai, All American provides oil and gas services in the Cook Inlet region and other areas of Alaska.

鈥淎ll American possesses an expertise in the oil and gas industry, and already has a solid business model and customer base 鈥 all of which will strengthen Chugach鈥檚 position in the dynamic Alaska oil and gas market,鈥 said Gabriel Kompkoff, CEO of Chugach. 鈥淚n alignment with Chugach鈥檚 鈥榞reat owner鈥 approach to company ownership, All American will continue to operate as it has in the past. We hope to accelerate All American鈥檚 growth and success by helping the company refine their services, develop their brand and grow their customer base.鈥

While All American will become part of the Chugach organization, the company will continue to operate out of their Kenai headquarters, and will remain under the company鈥檚 founders and current leadership team, Pete and Tanya Dickinson.

鈥淲e are excited about the prospects ahead for our business and employees as Chugach lends its services, technology and talents to enhance All American鈥檚 service offerings,鈥 said Pete Dickinson, President and founder of All American. 鈥淭he partnership enables All American to create enduring, long-term value for customers and employees as we benefit from Chugach鈥檚 significant corporate resources and support. Our companies have earned stellar reputations for implementing business practices that do right by our customers and employees, and this partnership only serves to reinforce our vision and values.鈥

The acquisition closed Monday, January 5, and Chugach will continue partnering with All American to create synergies and a stable base for long-term growth.

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